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Recent Vibration Surveys

The following is a list of platform vibration surveys. They are listed in order of most recent to earliest. Prior to 2000, the survey work was done for Unocal Corporation only. In all, 188 surveys have been conducted on 120 platforms.

Survey living quarter platform vibrations that personnel considered excessive. Data analysis showed the platform response was well within normal limits and there was no cause for concern.
Reviewed vibration data recorded on two platforms during natural gas production system blowdown (sudden discharge of pressurized process system). Concluded global platform response was affected slightly, but local response was in places significant. Additional structural analysis of the vent boom response was recommended.
Conducted vibration surveys on 95 Gulf of Thailand platforms to expand natural period database. Field work was done by a Singapore Company. Analysis and reporting was done by Black Consulting.
Conduct vibration survey on minimal platform to assess source of excessive vibration following a severe hurricane. Follow-up diver survey found pile sleeve shims failed due to improper installation.
Conduct a series of vibration surveys on a platform damaged by high waves in a hurricane. Objective was to assess the platform stiffness change as repairs progressed to completion.
Analyze vibration data from a light weight tripod platform that had a 50 ton compressor installed. Results aided engineers in evaluating the effect of the added weight.
Conducted vibration surveys on 6 Cook Inlet Alaska platforms to augment the dive inspection program. Diver inspection is difficult due to high tidal flows and the opaque nature of the silt laden water.

Collected vibration data on a platform that had a suffered potential foundation damage due to a shallow gas release. The vibration data analysis combined with structural showed that the platform had lost very little foundation capacity and the platform remained in service.


Conducted vibration surveys on 27 Gulf of Thailand platforms to expand natural period database.





Conducted surveys and deduced resonant response periods: on 5 platforms off Southern California (Earthquake zone) on two Cook Inlet platforms that had experienced well blowouts that damaged the pile foundations. on 2 deep water fixed platforms in the Gulf of Mexico (930 ft water depth). on five platforms in the Makassar strait, Indonesia on 17 Gulf of Thailand platforms to start a resonant period database.


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