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Key Projects

Environmental design criteria development:
  • Analysis of Makassar Strait current data and establishment of fatigue and extreme design profiles for Tension Leg Platform (TLP) production risers and steel catenary export risers.
  • Establish seismic ground motion estimates and assess submarine canyon slope stability for pipeline routing.
  • Analyze measured wind data to infer associated sea states and extrapolated those sea conditions to 50 and 100 year return period design levels.
  • Established wind and wave tow criteria for the transport of a TLP on heavy lift transport vessel across the East and South China seas during any month of the year.
  • Analyze measured Gulf of Thailand wind, wave, and current data and develop metocean climate statistics needed for operational planning.
  • Develop and maintain Gulf of Thailand offshore weather station data archive for over 10 years.
  • Analyzed Gulf of Thailand wind, wave, and current measurements and developed metocean climate statistics needed by operational personnel.
  • Developed environmental design criteria for Thailandís national energy company for their gas distribution platform in the Gulf of Thailand.

  • Platform design, analysis and construction:
  • Managed the program of retaining American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) class on all major Unocal Thailand offshore structures.
  • Managed projects for installing added wells on existing well platforms.
  • Carried out a structural analysis of the Unocal Indonesia platforms under seismic loading to verify to the Indonesia certifying authority that the platform was fit for purpose.
  • Developed hardware, software and procedures for monitoring structural vibrations for the purpose of assessing structural integrity and potential for structural fatigue.
  • Performed design calculations for the first stacked template structure for the Sepinggan field in Indonesia.
  • Developed a numerical method for calculating forces and response of large vessels.

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